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Yuletide Letter *\o/*

Dear Author,

SCREAM, I'M SORRY I FORGOT TO WRITE THIS. I hope you haven't given up on me >_< This is my first time doing Yuletide so everything is a little overwhelming! Sorry in advance, this letter is kinda messy.

Odd Thomas (movie): Odd Thomas, Stormy Llewellyn

I really love the relationship between Stormy and Odd. She's so supportive despite him being so...odd. It's really cute. I would Love maybe some exploration of pre-canon?
Or maybe an AR where she doesn't die.
I'd even be happy with porn c: what's their sex life like? I really love femdom and most kinks are fine with me as long as they don't include scat, mutilation, or snuff.
A look at what odd does in Vegas would also be awesome!
And of course, the supernatural element is one of the things that makes me love this movie. The bodach world wasn't really explored so that would be a cool angle too. Are there other creatures in there with them? What other supernatural creatures wreck havoc in Odd's life?

Saga (comic): The Will, The Stalk, Prince Robot IV, Marko

Honestly, Saga pretty much encompasses everything I love: space, action, ride or die relationships, morally gray areas!! Saga is so great ;~;

I would love maybe an exploration of Marko's past as a soldier. There have been heavy implications that he was a berserker on the battle field and I love the reformed, violent boys trope.
A look into The Will and The Stalk's history would also be super cool.
Will/Stalk porn would be awesome too (the stalk has so many arms to do so many things lmfao).
Or perhaps, what would happen if Prince Robo teamed up with The Stalk instead of killing her?
Or even what will happen when The Will finds Prince Robot.
Also, the impending Marko/IV team up is going to be excellent, I'm sure.
So many possibilities!

More on moral gray areas: you know that one scene where Hazel called The Will a monster, but says there are even bigger monsters out there? That's why I chose these characters. They're all pretty much different sides of the same coin! None of them are ~evil~, they each have their own motivations that are justified and ~good~ from their standpoints.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine: Amy Santiago, Jake Peralta, Rosa Diaz, Gina Linetti

I love everything about b99 and the relationships! The humor is so great.
I'd be happy with gen fic, het, slash, whatever.
Maybe an exploration of Gina and Jake growing up together?
Or maybe a resolution to Peralta and Santiago's UST?
A gen fic would be totally awesome too. Like daily shenanigans in the 99.
It only let me list 4 characters but the Jake/Holt father/son relationship would be cute to explore too.

Additional Commentary:

I'm a huge fan of understated sweetness/relationships. Like, the character knows they care for x and that's enough for them, or char a and b know they're important to each other and they're chillin' in that knowledge. I love violence, smut, and ride or die relationships (friendships, romantic, w.e) the most. As far as porn and kinks go, I am open to pretty much anything as long as it doesn't include scat, mutilation, or snuff. Here's a (in no way comprehensive) list of kinks I enjoy as an example if that's something you like to write c: I also really enjoy AR/AUs! Seeing characters in settings out side of their normal ones is always excellent. I'm not really a fan of angst, non-canon/gratuitous character death, or terminal illness. I just want a story that makes me feel good you know, lol.

Thanks for reading this ramble! I'm super excited to read whatever you decide to write!!!

Happy Yuletide,
Koze *\o/*

Fic Comm

All newer fic is posted at vomitingwinter \o/

Man O' War

Fragaria Ananassa

Title: Fragaria Ananassa
Rating: R
Pairing: Chanyeol/Kyungsoo
Warning: Character Death
Fill for Prompt on exopromptmeme: Kyungsoo has a greenhouse. Kyungsoo loves his greenhouse. Each plant housed in said greenhouse is treated with love and care everyday

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Color Theory- two drabbles

Rating: NC-17
Pairing: Tao/Chanyeol
Summary: Does color affect the taste? Chanyeol is a man with a mission

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Rating: NC-17
Pairing: Baekhyun/Chanyeol
Warning: spitting? slight dirty talk
Summary: The ever inquisitive Chanyeol

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Warning: orgasm denial, snowballing, p. much pwp
Summary: Baekhyun thinks he has a problem, Chanyeol’s not so sure
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Warning: Slight pain play
Summary: Chanyeol gets shampoo in his eye and Baekhyun helps him out

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